Tuesday, March 08, 2005
On this day:

everyone i know goes away in the end

You might have noticed that I haven't been posting of late. I'm not the only one. It might be the time of year. I don't seem to have the time or inclination these days, so I'm thinking of calling it a day, or at least having a break.

I'm still going to check and comment on blogs and maybe post from time to time. In the meantime check out Famous for 15 megapixels if you don't already. It's my favourite blog, written by a modern flaneur - very rare! The Red Box is also superbly written.

Thanks for reading.


*Johnny Cash - Hurt*



Blogger Peter said...

I checked 'flaneur' on dictionary.com and it gives a more more negative definition than the one I know and intended. A google of the word gives a preferable description. No offence intended Stef :)

12:22 am  
Blogger Stef said...

Not at all - I'm just chuffed at the compliment.

I too had to revert to a dictionary to look up 'flaneur'. My first guess was that it was some variation of 'cake maker'.

What an excellent word. I shall use it frequently from now on.

I'll keep popping by here on occasion. The urge to do this blogging thing comes and goes methinks.

Best wishes and all that ...


4:55 pm  
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Thursday, February 24, 2005
On this day:

silence like a cancer grows


I haven't had much time to write a post lately, so I've opted for the lazy man's way out. Shocking article though!

*Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence*



Blogger bluedukky said...

Well indeed. As I'm about to scurry off and have a simple dinner, I came across your blog and this post. I must say that after reading the article, I've grown more concientious of what I'm actually eating, or using in a meal.
That however isn't of my greatest 'concern' after reading though. I was more bothered by the fact, that basically what this article is telling us, is that we're getting lazy. We don't even have the time foor a good and various meal, in which different flavours (and yes.. I guess in a way feelings too) are more carefully put together. First is of course: Products of the same brand (and the same factory brand) contain the same ingredients, for the most part. While in real food you'd get in that country you wouldn't find ingredient A in recipe B.
Which in turn leads to, How is the supposed to be mexican food mexican, if there's clearly ingredients in them that don't really belong there.

I'm seeing the whole industry of packed food as a giant feeding robot now, as it in reality is getting close to that.. but ah well..

Oh goodness, I do hope you can catch my drift here, I seem to have just typed everything that came into me out.
Well, good luck with everything.


4:40 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

Mass produced food has been getting steadily worse for years now. It's got to a point where a lot of the processed stuff you buy from supermarkets is genuinely indedible (and I'm not fussy)

There's a weird kind of mania in the food industry to replace every, and I mean every, ingredient with a f*cked-up synthetic substitute.

My own response has been to cut down drastically on meat (after one piece of cheap chicken that tasted like fish too many) and prepare a lot more food from scratch.

It takes bloody ages though ...

7:05 pm  

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Thursday, February 17, 2005
On this day:

don't watch the tool, the work it can do, watch the man that behind it

I'm interested to know if there's anyone reading who has Sky TV? I've noticed that BBC channels skip frequently making watching anything at all annoying. I know of one other person who has the same problem and I'd like to hear if it's a common one. I'm sure you can guess what Rupert Murdoch probably thinks of the BBC as an institution so an orchestrated attack like this isn't as far fetched as it seems.

Click here to find out why.

*Gladiators - Looks Is Deceiving*



Blogger Stef said...

Can't help with this one - I don't have Sky

This of course begs the question what are you doing supporting RM's Empire? I presume the answer, as with everyone else I know who subscribes, is 'the footy'.

... and that's why people like RM will always win

8:31 pm  
Blogger X said...

The twitching and twittering you're observing is probabaly as a result of obstructions from metal objects, whether fixed ones such as buildings or mobile ones such as planes.

The signal from the BBC satellite is reaching your Sky dish, but may also be reflected from any number of metal obstructions causing multiple delayed copies of the signal to arrive at your home.

The differences in distances travelled by the signal may cause partial cancellation of the signal at your receiving dish, causing your Sky decoder to receive a weaker signal that it should. An attempt by the decoder to interpolate the weak signal may result in lost packets of information, causing juddering picture and/or sound.

That said, I may well just be talking bollocks.

Anybody else have any theories?

By the way, I thought I was the only one who knew about Immortal Technique. His 'Revolutionary Vol. II' is bloody amazing.


11:40 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm busier than I was.

My money will never go to that crook Murdoch, Stef. I'm living with my mum at the moment and she gets it. But the footy is a nice touch. I don't really watch much else... apart from Neighbours :)

I thought Sky sent out one signal, relaying the BBC signal. In fact I didn't know there was a BBC satellite :) Just seemed weird that it's only the BBC channels with interference.

Immortal Technique is good. The lyrics I posted are from Revolutionary Vol. II. The first vol. is good too.

7:36 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

My parents also have got Sky in and they hardly ever watch it ...

I despair

Shall walk the Earth, well the Web, in search of Immortal Technique now ...

7:09 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

I'd be interested to know what you make of him. He's uncomplicated and sounds like he's quoting Michael Moore sometimes, but the production is very good.

He's blows his own trumpet too, like (too) many emcees, and incorporates a few too many RnB hooks, but he's definitely on the right side of the message/money line.

By all accounts he's had a pretty fucked up life and the lyrics reflect that.

My mum gets The Times too and it's poison gets brought up to back up opinions in arguments. But it'd be patronising of me to preach so I bite my toungue on such matters. Grr

12:25 am  
Blogger Peter said...

*sheepish amendment* I meant 'its poison' not 'it's'.

12:27 am  

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I never learned nuttin'

I wrote before about the disadvantage my generation is at in our (lack of) knowledge of grammar. I blamed a Thatcher education, having never been taught the basics at school. At secondary school we were taught the basics of French grammar, which we all promptly forgot once the exam was finished, but it must have been assumed that we would pick up the rules of English through our reading.

Fortunately however, not all my generation is in the same boat. For those whose parents sent them to private or public school grammar is not such a problem. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but I notice more and more that the people I speak to who have no idea what say a possesive pronoun is are from state schools; anyone else is likely to be a writer, a languages student or from a private school background.

This has some unfair implications. In the not too distant future the only people suitable for jobs as newspaper or magazine editors will be from private education. These are prestigious, important positions that directly influence our culture, yet only a small percentage will be eligible for them. Perhaps this is just the way things are across the (industries) board.

I'd be interested to know whether the situation has improved in state schools under Labour. I'm told by a friend in primary education that literacy and numeracy rates have improved, drastically, but statistics being as they are I'm none the wiser.

Most embarassing of all are those who learn English abroad and have a firmer grasp of correct form than most Brits. Maybe they'll be the editors of the near future.

*Souls Of Mischief - Tell Me Who Profits*



Blogger Kate said...

It's really worrying, isn't it? My boyfriend recently got his doctorate, and I'm currently 'editing' a PhD thesis for an economics student ... And guess what? They've both got major grammar 'issues'. They must be in the top one percent or so of the population and yet they don't know where to put their apostrophes.

The boyfriend insists that it doesn't really matter, but for a stickler like myself it makes the reading process very awkward if the grammar's all over the shop.

It will be interesting to see what kind of effect the blogging craze has on grammar, writing, spelling, etc. I feel that my writing is gradually improving with the aid of my blog ... But is that just because I'm one of the anal ones and hate to be caught out in public?

8:49 pm  
Blogger UKWarrior said...

Surely it doesn't enhance your command of a language whether you know the difference between an adjective and a pronoun. It doesn't stop you being able to use them with force and style. And is there such a thing as correct grammar? Use differs massively from town to town and region to region. Who's to say that one version is more 'correct' than another? Language is so much more interesting than punctution and syntax - it is entirely possible to be knowledgable and articulate without any understanding of these arbitrary rules. It's perhaps the influence of privately educated academics that gives higher status to the knowledge of grammar than to other more abstract observations on language use.

So there.

3:32 pm  
Blogger UKWarrior said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:33 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

I understand your point UK Warrior, but I disagree somewhat ... For speaking your mother tongue, you're right: it doesn't matter whether you know what a pronoun or adverb or adjective is ... But as soon as you start learning a new language you quickly feel disadvantaged if you've never had any formal grammar teaching (or at least that seems to be the case if languages are taught in a traditional manner). It's just useful to be able to assign tags to new words so that you can store them in your mental lexicon with like words.

As for the different regional grammars ... Well, IMO, yes and no. There are some major differences of 'grammar' - such as the double negative ("I ain't got no") in several accents including Westcountry - but the main differences between dialects tend to be found in the phonology (use of different vowels, h-dropping, glottal stop-insertion, etc.) and the lexicon/vocabulary.

Finally (and sorry that this is so long and rambling), standardised punctuation can be incredibly important to meaning (which is presumably why I find poorly punctuated writing so awkward to read). Consider the difference in meaning of the following sentences:

A woman, without her man, is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.
(Stolen from Lynn Truss)

8:10 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Oops, I should stop misspelling her name ;D
Should be Lynne. D'oh!

8:11 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Good debate guys.

I know what you mean about writing not being entirely limited by grammar etc but editorial-job prospects certainly are.

I like your point about privately educated academics.

(Knowledge of) grammar is more than just knowing the labels for types of word though. Principles such as writing in the active rather than passive tense make writing so much more powerful. It may just be me but I had no real knowledge of even this before I started to look into it.

I've read that Lynne Truss book too Kate. And I've got to read Essential English (previously Newsmen's English) by Harold Evans. Apparently it's the Bible.

How similar is Breton to modern English grammatically?

10:53 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Hmmm ... Well they both have verbs ..?!

8:12 am  
Blogger Peter said...

What's a verb again? :)

It's probably writing this blog that made me interested in writing and against the degeneration of written English, so in cases like ours, Blogs have had a positive effect. There're also those who are pushing the other way; some deliberately some not. One example is A New York Escorts Confessions. If you're that opposed to apostrophes, how hard is it to call it Confessions Of A New York Escort?

Better stop now before I paint myself as a(n incorrect) poster painter.

12:29 pm  

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
On this day:

you never must question our motives or plans

Racism Out

*The Jam - Standards*



Blogger more anonymity said...

ha ha! Did my post inspire this, or is it coincidence?

10:09 pm  
Blogger Alyssa said...

Haha where did you find that? It's so sportive! Mocking Nike is so tragically easy and makes for some of the best satire...I love it.

9:12 am  
Blogger Peter said...

I did the subvert on Photoshop. I saw the 'Stand Up Speak Out' advert with the swoosh plastered all over it and it annoyed me. Kick It Out have been struggling for 11 years to rid the beautiful game of an ugly characteristic whereas Nike are just jumping on the chance for some pricelessly good and yet (almost) free PR.

11:36 am  

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Saturday, February 05, 2005
On this day:

when you awake you will remember everything

The campaign I've been working has finished. I've been drinking all day and I'm about to have a spliff. Unfortunately, when I do things like that, things like the following may get written:

So far to go: improve it all but with no despair.
Double lungs; exercise in the muggy city air.
An unpressed rat, now not earning but without a care...
Now sample more; there're meanings to compare.
Boom! The Clash of rock on rap.

Seek a soul, for history's on tap.
To effect change is why I'm chose
a writer's fate - to battle powered foes.
With frustration, hands are wrought,
for oh! What price an unthought thought?

*The Band - When You Awake*



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Thursday, February 03, 2005
On this day:

it might blow up but it wont go pop

Do true artists have a right to sell out? There was a time when I'd have been likely to snigger disdainfully if asked that question, but I've softened. Why should artists have to eke out a living while lesser talented contempories live the life of Riley; all in the name of principle. Consider the example of The Black Eyed Peas. Their first album receives critical acclaim and is still respected, even by people who cannot bring themselves to utter their name anymore; but doesn't sell well - well enough that is. The second album is just as good, but again fails to put them in the 'ridiculously rich' category. What's the answer? Why to replace your original singer with a sexy blonde dancer of course! Oh and add some cheesey RnB hooks. It works. Platinum albums and awards come with the regulation millions and it's easier than making real music to boot.

Am I being too cynical? I mentioned that I'm becoming less puristic. Perhaps they want to get a message across and their fanbase wasn't broad enough to satisfy their urge to influence. Or even, in a less sarcastic way, having fought the good fight they deserve some remuneration in the later stages of their career. They're pawns in the game in the same way we all are. Even Bob Dylan was in an advert.

Then there's De La Soul, the funk-tastic group that came up with the brilliant metaphor in this post's title only to 'go pop' later in their career. There's a picture of them in the dictionary next to 'tragedy'. REM made a stand against groups allowing their music to be used by the capitalist pigs in adverts then let one of theirs be used. They're in the dictionary next to 'bland'.

One of the phrases I repeat more often than is cool is "All our heroes sell out". I started saying it when I heard about Bob Dylan in the lingerie ad, which may or may not have been on the same day Thierry Henry first endorsed The Sun. Then there's Elvis endorsing the war on drugs (that one's for you Sammy - pardy shadurday?). I think I understand the reasons well enough but such stories are always disappointing all the same.

I posted previously about The Zatopeks, my favourite punk kids. Like many of the British hip hop acts I like, and in fact most underground artists, their scene is so small that they just about cover expenses with gigs and record sales. That is to say they pay for their social life by living it. I'm convinced they never will but there's a marked difference between them selling out so they don't have to have a 9-5 job - which as far as I can tell could be constituted by something like signing to a major - and a successful group like De La Soul switching genre so they too can own a diamond-studded toothbrush. Incidentally one of the Black Eyed Peas' videos has them in a limo. lined with $100 bills: a concession to longer standing fans?

What sort of example does it all set to impressionable youngsters? "Make money! Squeeze, glean and connive as much as you can, regardless! Money is greatness! Everything has a price!". Oops I'm ranting.

On a personal level I'm not that bitter about it. It just makes it all the sweeter to find someone who never did: stand up Johann Cruyff and shake hands with Jeru the Damaga. Obviously you'll both have to sit back down... in the corner... of a burning room... when you adhere to the Bloorism that is.

*De La Soul - Patti Dooke*



Blogger Stef said...

If I had a pound for every time I've heard this line ...

'I prefer their early stuff before they went commercial'

I'd have about £47.

There are heaps of creative people out there who have commercialised their work without 'selling out'. Surely, if you have a message you want to deliver you have a responsibility to package it in a way that is readily digestible for as large a number of people as possible? And, if you're any good, you'll find a way. Even better if the artist finds a way to achieve mass appeal whilst at the same time poking fun at the audience.

Personally, the worst cases of selling out are not people who repackage themselves to make their work more market friendly, no, the worst offenders are those who churn out the same tired out sh*t, time and time again. For some reason U2, REM and best selling 'airport' novelists come to mind.

And this stuff sells. Largely because people are drawn to consistent product quality. It works for REM in the same way as it does for McDonalds.

I agree, some artists do repackage themselves to make themselves blander. I don't know Black Eyed Peas stuff but take your word on what happened. But claiming not to be a 'sell out' is no guarantee of virtue. it could mean

- the artist isn't very good, or worse still

- the artist is an arrogant elitist who believes the ignorant masses should come to him and his self-diagnosed genius

Personally, I've encountered plenty of examples of both

3:09 am  
Blogger Peter said...

Repackaging the same message wouldn't be selling out if the message remained the same. It's worst when the message is in conflict with previous messages. Dead Prez's new stuff has that fault.

Hip hop has it slightly worse than other genres IMO because in the raps the false dream peddling is blatant and garish. The pimp lifestyle shit is a particular hate of mine.

Gangsta rap had it's critics for lots of reasons, but they were shocking people into realising the state of shitty areas in inner cities, and it had soul. The hip pop bollocks that Nelly, Usher, P.Diddy etc churn out is not only irresponsible, but soulless and empty.

I agree about guarantees of virtue :) I reckon most smallish scenes are pretty cliquey and snobbish.

3:49 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

I agree, particualrly about the gangster rap crap.

We've got a major problem, particularly in the UK, when it comes to messages and role models for kids; particularly black kids. They can either aspire to be a gangster rapper, a footballer or one of Jamie Oliver's token mates, drafted in to make up the ethnic quota in TV ads and programs.

The biggest issue is not selling out as such it's not having anything useful to say. Or not being permitted to say anything useful.

There's a lot of airspace that needs filling and it's mostly filled with cr*p. Nice, non-contentious, brain numbing cr*p ...

2:48 am  

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
On this day:

imagine waking up to the fact that you're simply entertainment

I struggle constantly with the urge to wax lyrical about how great Arsenal are on this blog, with satisfying success thus far; however, I have to post this prospective crowd song:

Arsene Wenger's magic,
He wears a magic hat,
And when he saw van Nistelrooy, he said "You cheating twat."
The players threw some pizza,
It went down Fergie's front,
And Arsene Wenger said to him, "Take that, you red-nosed c*nt!"

Genius poster on the 'Arsenal Times' messageboard :)

*Atmosphere - Everyone's Gonna Laugh At You*



Blogger more anonymity said...

Im a Geordie who went to the match last Sunday and sat on my hands in the North Bank. First of all I should say it was men against (naughty) boys and we were murdered one nil. However I also feel like pointing out the total lack of atmosphere, the fact that Arsenal players think they can ref as well as play in every game, especially Henry and Cole, and I look forward to Toure's impending elbowing ban.

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh. Such sweet relief to get that off my chest. Sorry.

7:49 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Well I'm a big fan of references to female genitalia in footy songs, so a big thumbs up from me :D

9:25 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Can't think why a geordie would want to see Arsenal weakened against Man Utd, leaving unscrupulous Chelsea to run away with things. And it's hard to have sympathy for a team managed by 'Julian Dicks and Neil Ruddock' Souness; a team with modern man Lee Bowyer in it :) I have always liked Shearer though and Toure was inexcusably reactionary.

Sorry for the foul language kate.. but they're fitting insults in these cases :)

11:48 pm  
Blogger more anonymity said...

You won't find me defending Souness. As Craig Bellamy quite succinctly put it (and continuing the theme of female genitalia): "Fucking twat"

Apologies (again)

10:39 am  
Blogger Kate said...

No, really - I LIKED it!! LOL.

4:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:40 pm  

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Saturday, January 22, 2005
On this day:

suddenly his conscience comes into play

'... the doctrine of will has been invented essentially for the purpose of punishment, that is of finding guilty. The whole of the old-style psychology, the psychology of will, has as its precondition the desire of its authors, the priests at the head of the ancient communities, to create for themselves a right to ordain punishments - or their desire to create for God a right to do so... Men were thought of as 'free' so they could become guilty: consequently, every action had to be thought of as willed ...'

- Friedrich Nietzsche

*Eminem - Guilty Conscience*



Blogger Stef said...

Not sure where you're going with this quote but the whole Nietzsche thing doesn't work.

Believe me I've tried; staring demonically at myself in the bathroom mirror for hours then trying out my new powers by attempting to overthrow the current government by force of will alone

... been there done that

1:13 am  
Blogger Peter said...


I think he had some interesting ideas (like this one) but I take them with a pinch of salt. Wasn't he was used by the Nazis as a justification of something or other? Plus he seems like such an arrogant bastard... goes on about being a pure blood and not having an equal etc.

8:57 am  
Blogger Stef said...

Hijacked by the Nazi's?

Oh yes

Check out Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl, 1934. A propaganda film so potent it was edited to make it less compelling before being shown to contemporary history students.

The whole Will thing is a pretty old idea. When you think about it, many forms of magic are an attempt to impose the magician's will on other people and things. Most rituals and talismans, including voodoo dolls for example, are just props to help channel and focus Will.

There's a school of thought that actually believes Hitler underwent some form of magical training after the failed Munich putsch. Hence the acquisition of the mad staring eyes, controlled cadence of speach, occult symbolism and rituals and the continuing fascination people have for that regime, retained through to the present day.

You don't have to believe in the supernatural to swallow the effectiveness of certain magical techniques. They could just be tapping into basic human psychology. But I digress ...

1:25 pm  

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Thursday, January 20, 2005
On this day:

a hercules figure that was this much bigger

This may only be of interest to people who know of him but check out my friend Kester anyway. He dropped out of porn because there was an HIV scare in the UK industry and now he's physique of the week :)

(Click on physique of the week, top right)

*TY - Hercules*



Blogger kt said...

Bloody hell, has he grown!

11:11 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Um, people who know him and ANY GIRLS ;D

11:50 pm  

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
On this day:

we're buddy holly's grandchildren, we want to rock and roll with you!

Buddy Holly's Grandchildren.

The Zatopeks, named after the imprisoned Czech runner and Communist Emil Zatopek, are my favourite comedown cure. One weekend UKWarrior was visiting and we went raving to an old favourite of mine, Planet Angel. This is one of the few places in London where you can do pills with people in their sixties, and the friendliness of the place is unlike anywhere else. The next day when we surfaced at 18:00, in Brixton, the last thing we felt like doing was trekking back across London to see a pop-punk gig, but we'd promised our old housemate we'd make it. It turned out to be the perfect thing to do. It's the most energetic show I'd ever seen. The venue was tiny and sweaty, for although they're fairly well known on the continent the scene is still small in this country. A popular Australian all-girl band The Spazzys wrote a song about them for their recent album and it's one of my favourites. I'm a big fan of the Zatopeks and I'd never really been into punk before.

They play in London from time to time and I really recommend checking them out (see their website for gig info). Clicking here will start a download of an early song.

*Zatopeks - Buddy Holly's Grandchildren*



Blogger UKWarrior said...

Feeling that one PB. What's with the song titles? Go easy on the Neil Young bruv, you might stop leaving the house.

12:46 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

You know that CSN & Young tune, 'Almost Cut My Hair'? Well I almost did today, then I actually did. Not letting my freak flag fly, for now at least. It's short again. Short short. I keep catching glances of my old self as I pass mirrors. Pretty freaky I can tell you.

What do you mean about the song titles?

11:46 pm  
Blogger UKWarrior said...

Nooooooooo! Not the hair! I want to see a photo pete: Make it happen.

I mentioned the lyrics cos I hadn't noticed it you've been doing it for months - it works really well actually. Might I suggest 'Gravity, You just hold me down' by the Super Furry Animals: If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You

1:26 pm  
Blogger Handsome B. Wonderful said...

MMMmmm pills. Those were the days. I can't seem to find them anymore around here. *sigh*

6:27 pm  

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Sunday, January 16, 2005
On this day:

leave us helpless, helpless, helpless

Find out how.

*Neil Young - Helpless*



Blogger Kate said...

To make votes count ... we need someone worth voting for, surely?

1:00 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Is it possible for us to vote a candidate who's 'good' by our standards into this system as it is?

Johan Hari has this to say about what Blair's done and is doing. Better than I'd given him credit for and surely a better option than the Tories. People like Littlejohn want the conservatives in. Anyone think we'll go the way the US did? The 'news'paper I give every day is pushing for it!

10:31 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Thank you for the link. Much food for thought there ... And maybe I will just pop down to my local school/hospital and see for myself (if only I wasn't so scared of being stabbed on the way there, LOL)

12:59 pm  

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Friday, January 14, 2005
On this day:

the manor that I'm living in...

*Foreign Beggars feat Skinnyman - Hold On*



Blogger Kate said...

Cool, your hood is my hood. Well, my cycling hood anyway. I go along Northchurch Road and then onto Elmore Street on my way in to uni. It's a nice area it seems. Quiet. Non-hood-y.

5:54 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

This is somewhere just South of Yorkshire isn't it?

BTW Can I play the lyric game on you? By my reckoning you were about 6 when this one came out so it should be right up your street.

'I've got too much energy to switch off my mind'

Oooh, I've just had the strangest thought. If my musical tastes had stretched back as far as yours when I was 24 I'd have been listening to Bill Haley and Buddy Holly.

4:28 am  
Blogger Peter said...

I'm into Buddy Holly's Grandchildren :) I'll have to write a post about them soon. The 60's mp3 folder on my computer is 2nd largest - biggest is hip hop. Strange combination I know.

I couldn't get that tune but I did resist the temptation to google. I like the lyric though. I can identify, having only recently worked out how to meditate and also as a chronic insomniac.

Be careful on those cycle routes after dark Kate :) And you must have seen that appeal for witnesses on the roundabout. 5:15pm. Shocking!

2:32 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Hmmm, I do actually avoid those streets after dark ... and risk my life on Old Street / Clerkenwell Road instead.

Is it better to die by the knife in the hood, or die by the big truck on Old St roundabout? Truck has got to be quicker ...

12:59 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

Pete - 'Infected by The The' - Original comment was part of my 'Everyone who hasn't should listen to Infected, the album' Campaign; started on the basis that it's bloody marvellous.

Kate - yes, truck probably but, boo, sad comment. I put it down to winter - all dark and gloomy.

3:12 am  
Blogger more anonymity said...

Right - I love this idea, I'm getting a picture of 'my manor' (superb phrase) on my blog.

I find using 'my manor' sounds particularly funny if (like me) you have a conspicuously middle clas accent...

8:11 pm  

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Thursday, January 13, 2005
On this day:

old man look at my life, 24 and there's so much more

Ok I'm 23 but who's counting? I want to share with you the following poem by George Orwell.

A happy vicar I might have been
Two hundred years ago,
To preach upon eternal doom
And watch my walnuts grow

But born, alas, in an evil time,
I missed that pleasant haven,
For the hair has grown on my upper lip
And the clergy are all clean-shaven.

And later still the times were good,
We were so easy to please,
We rocked our troubled thoughts to sleep
On the bosoms of the trees.

All ignorant we dared to own
The joys we now dissemble;
The greenfinch on the apple bough
Could make my enemies tremble.

But girls' bellies and apricots,
Roach in a shaded stream,
Horses, ducks in flight at dawn,
All these are a dream.

It is forbidden to dream again;
We maim our joys or hide them;
Horses are made of chromium steel
And little fat men shall ride them.

I am the worm who never turned,
The eunuch without a harem;
Between the priest and the commissar
I walk like Eugene Aram;

And the commissar is telling my fortune
While the radio plays,
But the priest has promised an Austin Seven,
For Duggie always pays.

I dreamed I dwelt in marble halls,
And woke to find it true;
I wasn't born for an age like this;
Was Smith? Was Jones? Were you?

*Neil Young - Old Man*



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do you remember the good old days before the ghost town?

Due to the over-whelmingly poor success of the lyrics guessing game, I've decided to change tack... and just give you the answers. I always like the songs used so the list gives you an idea of the sort of music I'm into.

*The Specials - Ghost Town*



Blogger Kate said...

Good idea! LOL.
The only one I'd have got is Brain damage - it is indeed a great song. I'm trying to work out a way for getting random album art from my music collection to come up on my blog. If you have any bright ideas ...?

5:56 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

The only way I can think of is to scan it, copy and paste into something like photoshop and save it as a jpeg. Then you can use hello to post it as normal. Some scanner software will let you save it as a jpeg directly too I think.

Or if it's just front cover art you want to post, cduniverse.com has them online.

6:17 pm  

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
On this day:

and if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear. You shout and no one seems to hear

Forgive the pretentious title. I like the song is all :)

Fascinating article. I've often wondered if I could give up my mobile phone. If I'm honest I'm not sure I could, which is quite sad and not in keeping with the way I'd like to think I am. I had a phone when I was quite young, too young really to use it much. Forgettingly, I agree that kids shouldn't be allowed phones if they're a health risk. The 'precautionary principle' has been mentioned in the press recently vis-à-vis Global Warming and the expiring Kyoto protocol and it can be applied here.

*Pink Floyd - Brain Damage*



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:55 pm  
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2:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:55 am  

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there's nothing out here for us, negative forces force us to live lawless

There's a new craze amongst 16-18 year olds 'round here. I first heard of it through my brother a while back, then again recently from someone I play football with. I'm told there was a piece on the local news about it too.

A gang of kids will approach someone, in a public place like on a bus or just on the street, and randomly hit or slap them in the face a couple of times then run off. One of them will have filmed it all with a camera phone. These messages get sent around between friends and snowball, quickly becoming anonymous. That's how I first heard of them - some of my brother's college mates apparently had a few.

It's all about the reaction of the victim. They get off on the helplessness of them, and the shock. It's like a nasty cross between Trigger Happy TV, Jackass and the Tango advert, banned a few years ago after copycat playground incidents left a few kids deaf.

It happened recently to a friend's girlfriend as she was walking home in the evening. She was terrified. And bruised. Like the mugging incident it was just kids having fun and not appreciating (or caring in some cases no doubt) the effects of what they're doing. It's a sinister new use for the technology. But it is creative. Like a new-technology replacement for the comic or something. Maybe they'll put it in one of the hilarious pre-film Orange video-messaging ads. They could have the director selling his vision to the board and trying to keep his integrity.

What is most worrying about it to me is that a surprising number of people have one on their phone. I'm not going to launch into a rant about the desensitising of today's youth or the shock culture because you'll have heard it all before and it's hardly a modern phenomenon anyway, but this is more evidence of those problems. Maybe moving to a gated compound in the suburbs is the answer. And we could all get guns!

*Jehst - China Shop Taurus*



Blogger M.C. Glammer said...

In that period between leaving school and figuring out what wouldn't suck for the rest of one's life, my friends and I purloined some tights from a mother. We'd drive up to unsuspecting citizens, jump out of the car with stockings over heads and hit them with rolled up newspapers then jump back in the car and speed off. No film exists, which is sad because some smalltown girls are hard and don't take that kind of shit without a fight.

3:08 pm  

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Thursday, January 06, 2005
On this day:

received a letter just the other day, don't seem they wanna know me know more

I received an interesting series of envelopes this morning, all from the promotions agency I work for. For anyone that cares, it's called 'The Network'. This post is my tribute to them.

The fact that I received multiple envelopes all on the same day almost sums them up, only missing completion in it's lack of a representation of greed. I get on average 3 text messages a day from them, presumably at some cost to them. And thank God I do, for I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to be re-booked, or miss out on such necessities as 'you are booked for tomorrow, please be on time'.

The only interesting package in the shit-pile of booking confirmations and pay-slips (showing I pay about 24% tax - is that right?) was my contract. Only to call it a contract is a gross misnomer. It effectively tells me I have no rights, while flipping me the bird. 'We've found loopholes in all the laws put in place to protect you as an employee, and here's how we circumvented them'. 'Also, you are worth nothing to us'. (These might not be direct quotes by the way). 'Please feel free to die, and we will mourn you.' 'Not'.

The worst thing is, I know all this already, and I knew it when I signed up. Temps aren't worth the motley rags they turn up to work in. But I'm not even required to sign this contract. They just sent it for my records. Or to put me in my place. 'You're scum and you know you are, now take your money and fuck off'.

Temporary labour is one of the things I object to about the way things are going (I've read 'No Logo' don't you know?) but it's not all bad. I was actually whistling to myself as I walked home through Canonbury today (that's a nice part of town near me). There was no denying it, I was in a good mood. It might have been a come-back-up (not a well known or catchy phrase I'll admit) but it's just as likely to have been that I don't hate what I'm doing. I always finish early, and it's quite well paid. For my present requirements it's pretty ideal, and even this attempt to get me to swallow something I gag on isn't going to ruin my day. Must be all the meditation I've been doing :)

*Madness - Embarrassment*



Blogger kt said...

Sounds like they have you on the 'emergency tax' code. They would always screw me with this one, when temping. Contact your agency to get the tax office number and your ref.number, then phone the tax office and sort it out. Otherwise they get to keep the interest on your money for longer... Woohoo.

I always liked temping, because you don't have to give a shit. And you can take time off whenever.

It's true that it's a lot of crap though; I worked mostly for Camden Council through four years of summer jobs and everyone there was either an old stone gathering moss or an aussie temp. Bit of an expensive way to get work done too, the whole temp thing. I don't pay tax, but if I did... Rah :)

1:40 pm  
Blogger M.C. Glammer said...

At least having read No Logo you know you have the eyesight of a spy satellite. I didn't know fonts went that small. Is that an anti-globalisation thing? Maybe it's in the small print.

3:21 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Yeah man, it's to make you feel that you've earnt the smug feeling. Or because there's so much 'content' :) Interesting read though, even if a little un-earth-shattering.

I won £45 on a game of killer tonight. I rule at pool. And now I've got to be up in 6 hours for football. Still it's two hours better than the last two nights. I'm so damn hardcore :)

Man I need sleep!!

2:05 am  

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and someone says you're in the wrong place my friend, you'd better leave

I'm afraid I haven't had the time to write anything half-decent today, which is a shame because I'm supposed to be finishing an article for an Arsenal website that is about to launch, and I've submitted a woefully small amount so far. Noteworthy blogging will have to wait.

In the meantime, you should read this (while trying to guess which song the title is from of course). [appended: chance'd be a fine thing].

*Bob Dylan - Desolation Row*



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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
On this day:

when they kick at your front door, how you gonna come?

A perfect world?

I've decided to use song lyrics as post titles for a while. 10 points if you can get what they are - I'll be keeping score and if you use google to get them, you're a fraud and a cheat. What's that you say? A ruse to get more comments?? damn cheek!!

Is it immoral to be paid to collect money for the tsunami fund? That's what I'll be doing on Friday. I'll shake extra hard! Well ok, I'll donate most of it to the fund.... but I'm keeping a bit cos I have to start at 6:30am then do a normal days work on top.

P.S. I'll write something worth reading soon, honest

*The Clash - Guns Of Brixton*



Blogger Kate said...

Only if it's immoral to pay people to collect money for any other cause. Hell, no. Not in the world we live in! I hope they're paying you WELL for the 6:30am start. Ew.

8:11 pm  
Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...


This won't make sense to anyone else but ... 15 - 20 minutes a day is the way to go brother. once you get right into it and start blissing out you will start doing it for longer and longer. Perhaps after a while you'll start being a meditating dork like me and begin saying no thanks to free drugs because they ruin your meditation high the next day.

...well I might have had a little the other night...but don't tell alright?...

7:39 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:39 pm  

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
On this day:



Blogger Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Thanks for the link to George Monbiot's page. I really dug that article that you linked.

I really liked how he worded his article:

"I have a persistant mental image of US foreign policy, which haunts me even in my sleep. The vanguard of a vast army is marching around the globe, looking for its enemy. It sees a mass of troops in the distance, retreating from it. It opens fire, unaware that it is shooting its own rear."

That is so damn true. America is fighting with itself and I am worried the outcome will not only split the states but the world too.

This bit was brilliant too:

"The United States has every right to beat itself up. But unfortunately, while chasing itself around the world, it tramples everyone else."

As for the environmental issues, I totally agree with him as well. The Bushies are doing everything they can to destroy any environmental regulation and clean-up. America should be leading the world in this regard but is instead (I am ashamed to admit) is being the biggest road block.

I hope to one day end up doing paralegal work for an environmental lawyer/firm. Protecting the environment is one of my passions.

Take care my friend and thank-you again for the heads up on Monbiot.

11:40 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Aw! You look just like you do in the kiddie pic but with dark hair. Cute!

8:09 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Yeah my hair is a lot lighter when it's long... I guess the black-and-white-ness of the photo makes it look darker than it was.

If I can find a more recent photo where I don't look mutant I'll post it :)

10:08 pm  

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at 4 o'clock the normal world seems very, very, very far away

Bloody comedowns. Just when I thought I'd dealt with my insomnia it reared its ugly head again. A friend sent me some photos from our first year at uni. How young and shorn we were :)

I'm the one with the light top (it's not white - I promise). UKWarrior is sitting on my right, and on the far right of the photo is 'the Giant', my rock and roll mate. I'm going to post more pictures this year.

*Pulp - Sorted For E's & Whizz*



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Saturday, January 01, 2005
On this day:

bloor's law

I used to say something while I was living in Nottingham that one of my housemates labelled Bloor's Law. It amounts to "things are never as bad as you dread them being, even if the worst-case scenario plays out". So based on this I don't tend to get stressed about things, especially things I'm powerless to change. That's not to say I don't plan ahead or try to minimise potential damage, but I won't sit tearing my hair out if things get bulbous bottomed.

So we had a party at my parent's house for NYE while they were away. It was pretty messy too, far more so than I had intended. Despite my best preparations, things went wrong, as they are wont to at parties. They were due to get back on New Year's day in the evening, so regardless of the state(s) I was in I was always gonna have to get up and tidy up. And 'tidy up' does no justice whatsoever to either the mammoth job awaiting, or the neatness expectations my house-proud mother holds.

And I cleaned up, despite having had just two hours dreamless sleep, and getting it done wasn't even that bad. In spite of people's best vommiting efforts the house looked normal [read uncomfortably clean] and I was thinking "ah, bloor's law eh?".

But I've realised the law can be countered, not by fate or God or chance, but if the opposing force is another Bloor.

They came back from their 'relaxing' break desperate to find something to be angry about. And because I was feeling pretty chuffed with having cleaned things up so well, things actually turned out worse than I dreaded not better.

I hereby vow never to give a shit if someone sleeps in my bed, for the rest of my life. I can't believe intelligent people can become so fuming about something so insignificant. But then saying things like that doesn't help in this sort of argument, and they didn't in this argument. But I was feeling like I had been up till 11am doing pills and drinking so I wasn't as apologetic as I would normally be. "Forgive me mother. I am a worm."

Anyway, things are a tad uncomfortable here now, and in this heavy comedown mood I have to remember Bloor's-stolen-catchphrase: "Only wankers feel sorry for themselves"

Happy New Year everyone. I've got a good feeling about 2005.



Blogger woolbrain said...

Happy New Year! May the new year be filled with new promises and everything good! Cheers!

5:48 am  
Blogger Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Sounds like a party was had by all. I'm just emerging out of the haze of one as well. Here are some words from the Tao Te ching that I thought you might enjoy given the bloor law:

If you want to become whole, let yourself be partial.
If you want to become straight, let yourself be crooked.
If you want to become full, let yourself be empty.
If you want te be reborn, let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything, give everything up.

The Master, by residing in the Tao, sets an example for all beings. Because he doesn't display himself , people can see his light. Because he has nothing to prove, people can trust his words. Because he doesn't know who he is, people recognize themselves in him. Because he has no goal in mind, everything he does succeeds.

Tao Te ching
Translated by Stephen Mitchell
verse 22.

5:12 pm  
Blogger Seamus "Moose" Anthony said...

Then there's Murphy's law, as we call it in Australia, which states that 'Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong!'

Good to see the Tao Te Ching quote, that's the way!

12:01 pm  
Blogger more anonymity said...

Glad you can relate Bloors Law to party situations. I find the all together darker notion of Kafkaesque consequence rather more aapt when paarties are thrown. For example; "is that red wine on the cream carpet?" or "Has someone nicked my passport?" (inevitable Kafkaesque consequence:) "YES"

12:13 pm  
Blogger M.C. Glammer said...

A teen party I had, after express parental orders not to, featured the bloke who always got depressed storming out of the back door over the girl he fancied. The slamming of the door took the glass out.

Glazier replaces glass, parents return, I go away for a few days thinking I'll get the glazier's bill when I get back, give it to depressed bloke and all's well. Only the parents got the bill. And the bloke's mother refused to pay up.

In a karmic twist, I then went out with the girl he fancied. Her favourite song was Heart of Glass. [No, it wasn't, but it could've been and that's a better story.]

3:29 pm  
Blogger Peter said...


The house still smells wrong - toxic vommit and industrial strength disinfectant.

I'm being asked to replace £60 of beer and champagne

They haven't noticed the chewing gum mark on the carpet (touch wood)

My friend's phone was nicked by a group of girls we threw out, and they've been terrorising all the girls in his phone book

It was still worth it :)

4:38 pm  

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Sunday, December 26, 2004
On this day:

mid-bender respite

I seem to be suffering from some kind of Christmas narcolepsy. Today, for the second time recently, I fell asleep while waiting for someone to get off the phone. I think it's because there are so many bodies in the house and what with having the heating on super-high to deal with winter, my body thinks it's hibernating time. My mum would suggest that I'm drinking too much, and my friends that I'm smoking and drinking too much, but I'm sticking with the heat theory. Twice now I've been faced with the prospect of going out with a same-day-hangover (the worst kind IMO). Still, it makes me feel that I've done justice to the season of gluttony :)

Everyone should download 'Comptine d'un autre été' by Yann Tiersen. It's my favourite tune in the world right now, from both the Amelie and the Goodbye Lenin soundtrack.

Back in my next break from the debauchery.



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Friday, December 24, 2004
On this day:

merry xmas all

I'm planning on getting pretty wasted tonight, whatever happens, so I won't get another chance to post and say 'Merry Christmas'!!

All the consumerist bullshit aside, xmas does affect most people positively. Everyone seemed so happy today and I couldn't help being touched by it. Even the (usually) unfriendly and condescending suits of Cannon St. were getting in to the spirit.

So have a good one anyway. And I bet I eat more than you tomorrow :)



Blogger Handsome B. Wonderful said...

Woohooo!! I'm the first to comment!!!
Anyway Peter. I hope you have a happy and great Christmas. Drink one for me!!


4:54 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

Yay, happy Christmas!

11:21 pm  

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004
On this day:

free thinkers welcome

I need help coming up with a cool username for my new gmail address (thanks Kate).

'peterbloor' is available, as is 'peter.bloor', but I reckon they'll still be available when addresses are made available to all - I have to take advantage of this opportunity, and grab a snazzy email address while I can. So I need ideas. They have to be 6 or more letters long and most of the dictionary words seem to be taken, but periods (.'s) can be used to make phrases more legible. Damn the man who took 'damntheman' too. That would have been cool... huh huh :)

Suggestions on a comment please.



Blogger Kate said...

Actually, I think the one you chose is pretty cool (they tell the inviter your chosen address) ... you want another one?!

10:33 pm  

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
On this day:

aren't i a busy blogger?

conscientious graffiti.



Blogger UKWarrior said...

I did all my crimbo shopping online this year and all I feel is smug and unhassled. I'd recommend it to everyone - but of course you can't do it on a budget.

1:36 pm  

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call yourself tom, edmund or esther

for I have taken on the role of Big Brother. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will see my hits counter. But to call it that is to do it an injustice as it's so much more than that. With it I can tell who visits, where you visit from, how long you stay, which pages you visit and even what browser you use, plus a multitude of other useless data.

It's a bit annoying, as it's set to zero which'll make new visitors to the blog think it's even less popular than it is. It also has the potential to be quite depressing. And if I were to sit here all day on the analysis screen, I would catch visitors in real time and get to see what they were reading as they were reading it. Spooky eh?

Check out www.statcounter.com to get your own.

Appended: Get on my new styles... peekaboo comments and a way of seeing which comments are new.

Plus if you like the 'On this day' feature visible near the date above posts, then check out how to do it at http://newlinks.blogspot.com/

Coming soon: A funky new Flash interface... well a movie at least



Blogger Kate said...

Is there linkage you could give for the comments? Thanks!

8:49 pm  
Blogger kitten said...

Hi Peter..Just dropped by to tell you I swiped your Shout Up And Shop thing....love it.

Will get back to you on the whole death penalty issue...not enough time to go into it right now..I'll be back!
have a good one.....

9:48 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

No worries Kitten, it gives the artist more exposure. There's a really cool piece of similar graffiti in the City of London on my way to work. I'm going to try to get a picture. Watch this space :)

I'll post the link for the comments on your blog Kate. For anyone else interested, it can be found here:

10:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4ever, 5210 - rulez

10:26 pm  

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a thatcher education

I could write a lot more on this but... another time maybe.

I can't actually remember being taught grammar at any stage of my education. Now I'm not one of those people who gets angry over the most miniscule error, but I read a bit of 'Eats, Shoots and Leaves' and was surprised to learn one or two things. Its inexcusable (only kidding grammar nazis - I know it should be 'it's' not 'its') how bad many people's grasp of grammar is, especially when compared with those who learn English abroad.

But that's a familiar rant. What inspired me to post was noticing just how many intelligent friends write 'definately' instead of 'definitely'. I've noticed it in emails and on blogs and it's usually from people of my generation. There must be a reason for it. Perhaps Sesame St. played a trick on you all. I didn't have a TV at that age, which could explain my impeccable spelling :)

I tend to 'know' things with such certainty that I've been known to embarass myself defending something that turns out to be incorrect - I wrote 'equasion' until I was 11/12 and would feel indignant at the red circles on homework. Knowing this, I checked dictionary.com (linked in case you don't believe me) before writing this, just to be sure.

I'd be interested in your thoughts. Are there any other commonly recurring examples?

And who'll be the first to spot the deliberate mistake? *God I hope there's only one* :)



Blogger Kate said...

A hard one for me to spot as my personal 'issue' is with double letters ...
The linguist in me would like to offer a possible explanation for 'definately'. The sound we make where the 'i' is often replaced by 'a' (called schwa - the upside down e) is the sound we often use for 'a' in unstressed syllables ... hence when we hear/say that sound, we immediately think of 'a'.
I'd love to know if that sounds plausible!

8:48 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

Well that's kinda embarRassing. That wasn't actually deliberate.There is another one too.

I didn't even thing while posting that you'd be well placed to explain it :) That sounds completely plausible. I'm glad there is an explanation.

Come to think of it, I pronounce it more 'definetly' than 'definitely'.

10:24 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

OK, enough's enough. Please, put me out of my misery. It's Christams, damn it!

11:58 am  
Blogger Peter said...

I was keeping quiet because I discovered that it's not actually mispelled, as both spellings of the word 'miniscule' (minuscule) are acceptable. Sorry :)

I could have blagged it and said that the deliberate mistake was suggesting there was a deliberate mistake in the first place... if I could spell embarrass that is.

1:36 pm  
Blogger Kate said...

And a sigh of relief ... I get so paranoid about that.

11:20 pm  
Blogger M.C. Glammer said...

On a derivative tip, handwriting: I've noticed how bad mine's become after 10 years of keyboarding. And how come it's always the same words I mistype? Answers on a sheet of foolscap, with a margin.

1:09 pm  

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Monday, December 20, 2004
On this day:

plebeian problems

If philosophy aims to show the fly the way out of the ointment, sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Most of the flies just aren't worth saving.

I'm giving out free copies of a slimmer (i.e. even shitter) Evening Standard for xmas money. Actually, I'd better say 'Winter Solstice' money as that's what we'll be celebrating this year. One of the girls I was working with was the quintessential moronic jobsworthy cretin. And she was a brummie. And about 40!! She introduced herself and within 15 minutes was telling me about a guy she was seeing, and how he didn't treat her right. He'd turned up last saturday for a 'dirty weekend' - her words (which brought a cold shiver to my spine) - in Paris with 40 quid and she'd had to pay for it all. He'd paid for a weekend at the coast previously but that was when they were seeing each other - etiquette requires going dutch if you're not together - so didn't count.

I sat there trying to appear sympathetic. She "only want[ed] a man's point of view", but she didn't seem content with asking me, and broadcasted our (one-way) conversation to Kings Cross. I sat there next to her, really hungover, while she made sure everyone knew she was talking to me by grabbing my hand to emphasize her points... "I WAS RIGHT TO MAKE HIM WALK HOME WASN'T I?"

I made the mistake of telling her that I was new to the agency so she walked me through the complex form filling procedures, step by painfully long step, then again. Thankfully the agency insists we work alone, so I didn't have to suffer her all morning, but she made sure to visit periodically, like the old hand she wanted to be, advising me on how to give out the papers more quickly or stand in the best place. Also, we did have to go back to the depot together... well only after she'd stopped for to chat to each and every unlucky ES vendor we happened to pass. And.. Oh fuck there're delays!
"lets get thuh buzz."
"nah that'll take ages.. let's just ring and say we can't get back." (Edgware Rd)
"but we wont get paid... we need to give these jackets back."
"we won't get paid if we can't get back?"
"it's company policy!"
"even though you're going to need a jacket tomorrow?"
"coom on, we HAVE to go back"

Anyway I rang and then went home and I think she got the bus. Luckily I'm not down to do Kings Cross again. I'm quite an empathetic person, like James, but she made me angry. I wouldn't mind, but with all the struggling and drowning, she's muddying the ointment for everyone else.



Blogger Handsome B. Wonderful said...

I don't blame you for being angry with her my man. I have been pretty angry myself lately. Bleh. Family *sigh*

7:42 pm  
Blogger kt said...

I was wondering when we'd get to hear about this new job. Ah, you have my sympathies. Not worth pissing her off as it'll be more painful than currently, I reckon. Make up an awful tale of your own and bore her with it.

11:42 pm  
Blogger Peter said...

No it's cool. I don't have to do Kings Cross again. I was booked for Moorgate but that got cancelled so I'm moving around, which is fine with me.

12:04 am  
Blogger Peter said...

No it's cool. I don't have to do Kings Cross again. I was booked for Moorgate but that got cancelled so I'm moving around, which is fine with me.

There was no conflict. In fact I think she probably thinks she's made a new friend. And I swore to give up deception ages ago :) It's just easier this way!

12:07 am  
Blogger Kate said...

Oh God, this city is too stressful as it is at the moment, without people like that, arghh! My sympathies go out to you ...
Oh, Bill B. was GREAT! I've never been a fan of musical comdey but WHAT A SHOW! Superb!

12:48 pm  

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